Somewhere in Spring

Somewhere in Spring, we remember how to dance full tilt, to sing full on and to love full out. It feels like there are many ways to express and we're reminded of this simply by looking around and seeing life in it's outward forms returning for yet another expression.  Spring has a way of calling in the idea that we too can reinvent ourselves each year. 

Yes it's still the same tree though the new expression of this spring is different from last.  So, yes, we are essentially the same person however, we can change our expressions too!  Do all that fun stuff you've been dreaming of.  Spring says YES to life, love and passion.

Much love to you all.


Greetings all!

The month of love is here...Wait isn't every month the month of love?  I suppose it could be!  Ok let's go with that.

I'm happy to announce that I'm now doing coaching sessions with artists and folks who are looking to create a space to allow for the creative flow to come through.  Email me at for more information.

May love and truth ring through your hearts so that your minds may be always filled with the consciousness of possibility.   Be aware of the flow that is present always.


Much love,


Check out this stream of Lisa's live performance with Tammy Hall on the KPFA last Saturday night.

Felt like old time radio - one beautiful baby grand, Tammy Hall on the keys, a small studio audience and Lisa's exquisite voice! It will be available for streaming for two weeks only.  Listen now!

Welcome to Lisa Ferraro's new online presence! With tours ahead to the Midwest, the Northwest and a grand musical celebration with jazz legend, Houston Person, and the fabulous Tammy Hall Trio, there's plenty of news to share.  If you're here for the first time, listen to some music, watch a video, and check the calendar to see when you can catch a live performance...the very best way to experience Lisa's magnificent voice!

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